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First part of the Storm in Europe 2008 tour is over.

My friends,

First of all I want to thank you all for giving me the chance to perform on the Storm tour in Europe 2008.

It was an amazing experience for me personally and professionally. I got to meet many nice people, see beautiful cities, have so much fun with my band and crew and get remarkable memories.

I will never forget my last month on the road in Europe.

Everything went fine and we all returned back home tired but happy. I will miss my band members so much.

Thanks a lot also to Janne and Harriet and Passionworks that were with us most of the time.

At the backstage after the gig in Stockholm I met Dani Vorndran, the winner of the Tour Book Photo contest. Thanks Dani for so lovely photos.

The last concert in Helsinki was the perfect ending for the tour. Some people told me after the show that they had been waiting my concert in Helsinki for 3 years! And it was worth to wait in their words.

Here you have still some last shots from the tour.

I want to show you some nice pictures we took from the tour bus, which was our traveling home for a month.

Our driver Gunnar drove us safely everywhere, many thanks to him.

The other photos are from the ferry that we took from Stockholm to Helsinki.

In few days I'll go for a promo trip to England. I will visit my fans in Download festival and make interviews for the local media.

Soon after England, I'll travel again to Antigua. There I will write songs for my new album with my friends Michelle, Kiko, Torsten, Angela and Adrian. I am sure that the sun and warmness of Antigua will help us to come up with beautiful melodies.

Maybe I'll have some time for diving too...

After Antigua I will travel to USA for my first promo trip there and next time you'll see me on the tour in South America! I am really looking forward to meet my fans over there. Can't wait!

So there will be no worries about what to do in this summer...

This is the last photo taken from all of us together. Right after the last show of the tour at the backstage in Tavastia, Helsinki.

A group of people giving their best on stage and out of it. No faked smiles or tears.

With my love,


Winter Storm Italy

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