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Hi from Kuusankoski!

Before returning back to Finland, I was in the studio in Buenos Aires recording the song "Enough" and two other songs.

Singing "Enough" was fun for me, because I had already sang the song many times on tour. Still the recording process is very different than singing live.

It was very hard to reach the same feeling in the studio that I had during the shows, because I didn't have the screaming, lovely and supporting audience anymore in front of me :-(

Anyway, I really like how the song kicks ass! My voice sounds again pretty different than before and even for me it is interesting to realize how I am more free with my singing every day.

One other song that I recorded is the gorgeous "Wisdom of Wind".

There is a story about this particular song that I would like to share with you. Some time ago I was invited by composers Jeff Rona and Lisa Gerrard to sing their song for Peking's 2008 Olympic Regatta, but due to tight schedules, I was not able to record it in time. I liked the song so much that I wanted still to use it for my own album. So I recorded it now. It is a wonderful, moody song with symphonic orchestra. I hope you'll like it.

It is an honour for me to sing a song from Jeff and Lisa!

Also I recorded a duet for Doro's 25th anniversary album. It is a beautiful ballad. I hope she likes what I did! Hehe. Sometimes I get a bit too productive with my vocals...but it's fun. I am looking forward to present the song with her in her concert in Düsseldorf later this year. I was very happy to receive an invitation to the show, which must be very important to Doro and to her great, long career in music.

I was having good time with my fans in the "press conference" we did together in Buenos Aires. I had already done few signing sessions in Buenos Aires earlier so this time I wanted to do something different with my fans.

The mood was cool during the conference and in the end the people didn't ask me too many questions, even though I was prepared to answer for much more! And I did some signing and photos after the conference.

There are not so many days left before my next European tour starts. Time is flying! I am really anxious to perform again in Metal Female Voices Festival and in many countries that I have never been before. Not even as a tourist! For example countries like Israel, Luxemburg, Bulgaria, Serbia, Ukraine and Belarus.

Funny today an Israeli journalist mentioned during his interview that rumours were that I have been afraid to go to Israel to perform in the past...

I could only laugh to that rumour :-D

After receiving several invitations to perform in Israel, luckily, this time was possible to arrange it! And I am going to spend even some days off there with my band and crew. That's how scared we are :-D

So people, if I should have one drop per each wrong and malicious information spread about me, I wouldn't need to go that far to dive...

Facts speak stronger than words.

I am really looking forward to get to know my fans in those countries. Thank you for making this tour to happen.

So, my Winter Storm, be prepared! I'll come to sing for you soon in Europe (and Israel)!

With love, Tarja

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