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Summer shows are over

If I look back in everything that happened during this European summer, I have to say that it was one of the best summers in my whole life, if not the best! I got to make very different kind of performances in wonderful cities and in the meantime write new songs for my forthcoming rock album. I truly cannot complain.

The Summerbreeze festival was again very nice experience since the staff and organization of this particular festival are great. I felt I was in good hands.


The show was amazingly emotional for many reasons; it was the last show of the summer and I knew I was going to miss my guys, the audience welcomed me warmly with birthday singing and cheering.

Few times during the show it was unbelievable to see how all the hands were waiving along with the music. These are the moments that we, on stage, will treasure forever.


And finally I received my gold award from Germany. WOW.


What a beautiful gift! Thanks to you people. I really owe this one for you…I am SO, so happy. To achieve this award means a world to me as it comes from my debut album as a solo artist what makes me really believe in my dreams.

I am fully aware how hard it is to sell any records these days, so I am deeply grateful.

The only problem that I face right now is to find a good spot on my walls for it! I have too many windows in my flat!!!!! HEHEHE.

The city of Dinkelsbühl, near where Summerbreeze is located is really nice.


Next challenge will be the “Beauty and the Beat” concert in Bulgaria in September. I am at the moment deciding the program and starting little by little to practice for it. I know that this concert will be very challenging for both uncle Mike and me, but I am also sure that we will have a grand time in Bulgaria with our amazing fans, symphonic orchestra and choir. You really cannot miss this show. It’s going to be an extraordinary experience, I promise

Right after Bulgaria I will fly over to Brazil where I will perform with Brazilian band Angra as a guest vocalist. Many people have been wondering what I will be singing there, but it will remain as a secret until I walk to the stage in ROCK IN RIO. It is an honour for me to get the invitation from Angra and to be part of this world famous event for the first time in my life.

So even though my own rock shows are over for this year, you will still see me around. I kind of tend to keep myself busy all the time…


We just mastered the live CD and DVD that will become the first release of HARUS in the end of this year. It is my classical line up with whom we have done concerts together since 2006. The name was decided now since we felt that it would be great to make people hear what we have been doing.

Just to avoid misunderstandings, my solo career in rock will definitely continue as before!


Take care.

With love, Tarja

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